SP MAP counterattack near Scobalteni

map by ariete
script by quintaxel
player : axis
AI opponent : ussr
year : 1944
map season : summer
map size : 15 x 15 Continue reading “SP MAP counterattack near Scobalteni”


soviet breakthrough

source : ‘the romanian army in 1944’ by Wayne Turner

Early on 21 august the 18th mountain division was finally overrun, forcing the supporting 1st armoured division Nestor detachment to withdraw on the fortified Traian line to the positions of the 101st mountain command. Soviet forward momentum continued with 18th mechanised corps moving south through Iasi and penetrating the front lines of the romanian 3rd infantry division. Continue reading “soviet breakthrough”

1st armoured division counterattack

source : ‘the romanian army in 1944’ by Wayne Turner

While the 18th mountain division tried to hold the 6th tank army, general Korne of the 1st armoured division organised his counterattack for 14.00 hours. His aim was to push back the penetration made by the soviet 6th tank army south of the Bahlui river. He sent german kampfgruppe Kessel to retake Podul Iloaiei and kampfgruppe Brausch to take Cosinteni and Scobilteni. The 1st armoured division would attack Hoisesti. Continue reading “1st armoured division counterattack”

Iasi attack

source : ‘the romanian army in 1944’ by Wayne Turner

The soviet attack on the fourth army began on 20 august with holding attacks along the front of I, V and german LVII corps. The romanian 20th infantry division held its positions, while the Guard, 4th and 6th infantry divisions suffered localised penetrations that were quickly retaken with counterattacks during the day. A secondary attack by the soviet 7th Guards army fell on the romanian 1st infantry division and german 46. Infanteriedivision who held steady, but by evening events on the right of the 1st infantry division threatened the flank as the VI and IV corps were pushed back. Continue reading “Iasi attack”

fourth army : Iasi-Chisinau

source : ‘the romanian army in 1944’ by Wayne Turner

During the summer Antonescu suggested a controlled withdrawal to the more defensible Carpathian-Danube line, which was substantially more fortified. However, Hitler refused with a promise to hold sufficient german troops in Basarabia. With the launch of the soviet operation Bagration in late june, the germans quickly started withdrawing armoured formations to shore-up the situation in Byelorussia. Also in the defensive line were the romanian IV corps (5th motorised cavalry, 7th and 3rd infantry divisions and 102nd mountain command) and the german IV corps (german 376. infanteriedivision and 79. infanteriedivision and romanian 11th infantry division) from the german eighth army. Continue reading “fourth army : Iasi-Chisinau”

the 1944 campaign : Iasi-Chisinau

source : ‘romanian army of world war II’ men at arms 246, Osprey publishing

The soviets were now within the romanian frontier and trhoughout the summer the romanian deployment grew, helping the retreating germans to stabilise the front in Bessarabia. Antonescu suggested a controlled withdrawal to the more defensible Carpathian-Danube line which he had prudently been fortifying around Focsani since 1942; but Hitler refused, promising to keep sufficent german armour, leaving the front vulnerable. Continue reading “the 1944 campaign : Iasi-Chisinau”