german army (eastern front) – plate E – central and southern fronts 1944

source : ‘the german army 1939-45 (4) eastern front 1943-45’ men at arms 330, Osprey publishing

osprey maa 330 plate E

E1 : gefreiter, panzergrenadier-regiment 103; Iasi, Rumania, august 1944
This machine gunner wears the M1943 field tunic and trousers, M1941 anklets and ankle boots, M1942 helmet and camouflage net. As first gunner he carries a P38 Walther pistol in a soft shell holster on his left hip; at right front would be a spares pouch – in black leather, or black or tan pressed cardboard – for his 7.92mm MG42. The light order rifleman’s equipment on his belt consists of the 84/98 bayonet, M1931 bread bag, canteen, cup and mess kit, with the M1931 shelter-quarter secured by equipment straps. He has left his gas mask and M1938 folding shovel in the SdKfz 251/1 armoured personnel carrier.

E2: generalmajor, 454 sicherungs-division; Brody, western Ukraine, july 1944
This commander of rear-area division destroyed at Brody wears the general officer’s field uniform virtually unchanged from 1939. It comprise a M1935 officers’ field tunic with general officers’ shoulder-boards, gold buttons, breast eagle and collar patches; M1935 service cap with gold pipings and chin cords, and M1942 gilded insignia. He wears M1935 stone-grey breeches with general officers’ piping and stripes, and riding boots. Partly obscure here on his left hip is a Walther PPK in a soft leather holster; his 10×50 binoculars are held down by a button tab. His decorations are an ‘iron cross 1st class’ medal and ‘2nd class’ ribbon and the star of the ‘german cross’ in gold.

E3: panzergrenadier, panzergrenadier-regiment 73; Warsaw, september 1944
This section member wears the M1943 non-reversible smock with integral hood in second pattern ‘marsh’ camouflage over his M1943 field tunic and M1943 belted trousers. His M1942 helmet has chicken-wire netting for attaching foliage camouflage. Armoured infantry, originally with light-order equipment for mechanized combat, acquired M1939 infantry Y-straps to support heavier equipment when in the dismounted role. The conventional belt equipment includes rifle ammunition pouches, stick and egg grenades, bayonet and folding shovel.

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