german army (north Africa) – plate B : Cyrenaica and western Egypt, may-november 1941

source : ‘the german army 1939-45 (2) north Africa & balkans’ men at arms 316, Osprey publishing

osprey maa 316 plate B

B1 : oberschutze, maschinengewehrbataillon 2, tropical field uniform, Tobruk, Cyrenaica, may 1941
5th mobile division MG battalions wore light-green branch colour instead of white. This senior private wears the M1940 pith helmet and M1940 tropical field tunic with standard collar-patches, M1940 1st pattern tropical boots, brown leather ammunition pouches instead of black, M1940 other ranks’ tropical belt and rileman’s field equipment, the tropical version of the branch colour signaller’s arm-badge and the black wound-badge (1-2 wounds). He carries a karabiner 98k with canvas breech and sight cover, and a M1924 stick-grenade.

B2: schutze, panzerjagerabteilung 33, tropical field uniform, Halfaya pass, Egypt, may 1941
This 15th panzer division antitank crewman wears a M1940 tan variant tropical field tunic, 1st pattern tropical boots and the M1935 helmet, which in late 1941 replaced the pith helmet with front-line units. He wears rifleman’s field equipment, also worn by line and mechanized infantry, with two water-bottles and the gas-cape unofficially strapped to his gas-mask canister. In action AT crews left their equipment in the truck or half-track.

B3: unteroffizier, pionierbataillon (mot.) 900, tropical field uniform, fort Capuzzo, Cyrenaica, November 1941
This assault engineer section leader in 90th light Africa division wears the M1940 tropical field tunic with NCO tropical collar-braid, engineers’ (later redesignated general). Assault badge, the unofficial 1st pattern high-boots. He has canvas bags for engineer equipment and grenades, an entrenching tool and bayonet, and an MP40 submachine gun with ammunition pouches.

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