mod compiled by ariete

humans textures and squads composition by ariete

models by Major Pain, Mazka, Hungary Blitz, Nathan, Alex, Feldgrau, Artur, TGD, Yuri, Pilar Arapsha

textures by wittmann-BigJoe, Vonosten, Gagarin, Kellyshero, Squire James, Rolesk, Feldgrau, Barmaley, Solvang, Eisenhans, JackCola1964, Stahlsohle, ariete

bridges by Andrei

buildings by Feldgrau, Vonosten, Hungary Blitz, Andreai, Yuri, Storm, Eigenaar, Marc

objects by Gagarin, Yuri, Andrei, Hungary Blitz

fences by Storm, MackNm

special thanks to all my friends of the Blitzserbjia community, Scyooff, Quintaxel and Mat for support

tribute to Doug Disler (always in our hearts)

copyright by NIVAL, Doug Disler, Gagarin and Mazka



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