bridgehead at Tsaritcianka

date : 18 – 26 sept 1941

location : southern Ucraina, Dniepropetrovsk oblast

In september 1941, the italian expeditionary corps in Russia (CSIR) defended a line of about 150 Km to the north and south of Dniepropetrovsk, between the 17th army to the north and the 3rd army corps of the panzergruppe von Kleist, to the south.
On 16 september, the 9th infantry division Pasubio was temporarily attached to the 17th army, crossing the Dniepr river at Derivka, 80km north-westwards of Dniepropetrovsk, to support the right flank of the advance toward Poltava.

order of battle :

axis (player)

– army group south – 17th army –

kampfgruppen Abraham / 76th inf dv

CSIR (79th inf rgt Roma and 8th art rgt Pasubio / 9th inf dv Pasubio + 2nd tank squad / San Giorgio btn)


ussr (AI)

273 rifles dv






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