SH mod

installation instructions

It’s strongly reccomanded to install mods on Blitzkrieg Anthology (BH-RT) or Rolling Thunder stand alone.

Players use Blitzkieg Anthology or Rolling Thunder to run this mod, have to go to Major Pain projects archive and download RT-Anthology-Hi-Res-fix : put config.cfg in ..\Blitzkrieg Anthology\Run folder and Anthology_BH-RT_Texture_Patch.pak in ..\Blitzkrieg Anthology\Run\Data folder)

download and extract aillogic and mapeditor in ..\Blitzkrieg Anthology\Run folder

download and extract SH mod in ..\Blitzkrieg Anthology\Run\Mods\SH folder
( for copies bought on Steam, path is ..\Blitzkrieg Anthology\Mods\SH )

download and extract SH mod patch-082018 and SH mod fix 012019 in ..\SH\data folder

start blitzkrieg and load mod



focus : axis side

axis nations : germany, japan, italy, romania, finland, spain*

allies nations : russia, united states, great britain, canada, india, australia, new zealand, south africa

war fronts covered :
northern china 39 / 45 (chinese factions missed)
artic 39 – 45 (norway nation missed)
south-east asia 40 – 45 (chinese factions and netherlands nation missed)
african 40 – 43
pacific 41 – 45 (philippines nation missed)
eastern 41 – 45 (hungary nation missed)
western 43 – 45
italian 43 – 45



mod compiled by Ariete
humans textures and squads composition by Ariete
models by Major Pain, Feldgrau, Mazka, Hungary Blitz, Nathan, Alex, Alex Z, Aleksej, Jefolzok, Gagarin, Artur, TGD, Yuri, Pilar, Arapsha, The Mighty Warlord George W Bush
textures by wittmann-BigJoe, Vonosten, Gagarin, Kellyshero, Squire James, Rolesk, Feldgrau, Barmaley, Solvang, Eisenhans, JackCola1964, Stahlsohle, Ariete
bridges by Andrei
buildings by Feldgrau, Vonosten, Hungary Blitz, Andreai, Yuri, Storm, Eigenaar, Marc
objects by Gagarin, Yuri, Andrei, Hungary Blitz
fences by Storm, MackNm
special thanks to all my friends of the Blitzserbjia community, Scyooff, Quintaxel and Mat
copyright by NIVAL, Doug Disler, Gagarin and Mazka

tribute to Doug Disler (always in our hearts)