romanian army – soviet breakthrough (south through Iasi)

source : ‘the romanian army in 1944’ by Wayne Turner

Early on 21 august the 18th mountain division was finally overrun, forcing the supporting 1st armoured division Nestor detachment to withdraw on the fortified Traian line to the positions of the 101st mountain command. Continue reading “romanian army – soviet breakthrough (south through Iasi)”

romanian army – 1st armoured division counterattack

source : ‘the romanian army in 1944’ by Wayne Turner

While the 18th mountain division tried to hold the 6th tank army, general Korne of the 1st armoured division organised his counterattack for 14.00 hours. Continue reading “romanian army – 1st armoured division counterattack”

romanian army – fourth army : Iasi-Chisinau

source : ‘the romanian army in 1944’ by Wayne Turner

During the summer Antonescu suggested a controlled withdrawal to the more defensible Carpathian-Danube line, which was substantially more fortified. Continue reading “romanian army – fourth army : Iasi-Chisinau”

the 1944 campaign : Iasi-Chisinau

source : ‘romanian army of world war II’ men at arms 246, Osprey publishing

The soviets were now within the romanian frontier and throughout the summer the romanian deployment grew, helping the retreating germans to stabilize the front in Bessarabia. Continue reading “the 1944 campaign : Iasi-Chisinau”